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*Wellness features to be released with future software updates

Technology That Moves You

Immerse yourself in a world of motion, vibrations and sensations created by Cooler Master in collaboration with D-BOX. Discover the next evolution of gaming setups !

New Setup , New Moves

Evolve your static setup with Motion 1, optimized to deliver the best haptic experience in any work and play environment. Immerse yourself in all-out gameplay or just kick back for a superior movie experience, or even for a comforting haptic relaxation session*.

*Wellness features to be released with future software updates

Business As Usual

During the design phase of the Motion 1, our team of engineers and designers worked hard to find a solution to integrate ergonomic adjustments and comfort. These solutions ranged from elevation, pivoting, recline and rocking, all in ways that do not interfere with the haptic experience of the D-BOX engine.

This allows for complete flexibility when it comes to ideal posture and comfort preferences as well as provides a superior user-friendly experience.

The Tech Behind It

Find out why the D-BOX haptic experience is at the cutting edge of immersive technology and how it lets you feel the game like never before. Experience the tension and release of the Hunter’s Bow as it expands and contracts, or feel the waves crash into your boat as you sail into a raid. With the Motion 1, you can experience Assassin’s Creed Valhalla like never before, with an entirely new level of life-like immersion previously not possible.

Be Immersed Like Never Before

Each game or movie is individually encoded with a D-BOX haptic code that delivers an effortless experience without sensory overload. The end result is high-fidelity haptics that provide an extremely immersive experience that truly allows you to experience the game as if you were really in it.


Made For Comfort

Motion 1 is crafted from 3D sculpted foam and is extensively tested by designers for optimal comfort, pressure distribution, rigour and prolonged sitting during haptic sessions. It also offers 120 degrees of reclining for extra relaxation during your breaks!

Multi-Level Adjustments

Posture is important for good blood flow and ensuring that oxygen reaches your brain. This requires the correct 90-degree angle from your knees to the ground, and Motion 1’s lift control provides ample range for perfect adjustments! Height adjustable armrests also offer additional comfort for users. The magnetic headrest and lumbar pillows are even easy to adjust and remove !

Hammerhead Design

Inspired by the hammerhead shark, the shape gives Motion 1 both a predatorial yet majestic look, and makes for a unique design identity that is recognizable from the front and back.

Adaptive Gaming Mode is Here!

Adaptive gaming mode allows the Motion 1 to support haptic feedback for any game and not just those natively encoded by D-BOX. The only requirement is to connect a controller and have it be recognized on your PC! This gives users access to haptic feedback for any game that can be fully customized to your likings. You can map your haptic experience to a specific movement, gun shots, attack moves, and more! You can also decrease or increase the intensity to feel more of the action, or completely disable it for certain sequences if you wish to do so. With adaptive gaming mode, you’ll wonder how you could ever go back to playing games without the Motion 1!

MasterPlus Integration

Fully integrated with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus Software, Motion 1’s lighting can be fully customized and synchronized with all Cooler Master’s products.