Cooler Master’s High-End Experience Centre

If you’ve ever thought a welcoming place where you could game, hang out, test PC and gaming products, accessories and peripherals and order products or setups directly from the front desk sounded like a good idea, you might be interested in reading more about Cooler Master’s new Experience Centre in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Cooler Master has opened its very own Experience Centre in Central Square, Sandton. This Experience Centre is open to the public six days a week from 9AM to 5PM weekdays and from 9AM to 3PM Saturdays and creates a direct line from Cooler Master fans to Cooler Master products and experiences. Showcasing six full gaming setups with high-end components, setups and peripherals open to gamers and streamers, a peripheral testing counter with five keyboard and mouse combinations to try out, a comfortable sitting area with a mounted, easily viewable monitor for controller players, a private dark-themed backroom with a full gaming setup, a large wall-mounted monitor and dark-themed wall graphics, for quieter gaming, a bottomless supply of refreshments, including the newest flavours from Red Bull and a custom purple sport’s car pc build showcased as the centrepiece, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Not only is the centre wonderfully functional, but it is also beautifully branded from floor to ceiling with vibrant Cooler Master graphics, signage and the incorporation of the Cooler Master logo in eight large light fittings, a light-up room divider separating one PC setup from the comfortable controller station and the sturdy station counters that also subtly incorporate Cooler Master branding into their structure.

The goal of this Experience Centre is, as in the name, for gamers and PC enthusiasts to have access to the experience of testing and gaming on Cooler Master and the public’s favourite products including PC peripherals like mice, keyboards and headsets, cases, ARGB gaming and work desks, 80 plus certified power supply units, gaming and ergonomic chairs, various water- and air-cooling solutions, fully functional setups and loads more. Not only this, but for this centre to function as a meeting place for Cooler Master fans, ambassadors, gamers and streamers to utilise for live streaming, content creation and gaming. Visitors will also be able to order Cooler Master products like peripherals, desks, chairs, components and cases or fully-built gaming or work setups based on their budget and specific requirements directly from a Cooler Master representative at the Experience Centre after actually getting a feel for these products before purchasing.

For streamers and content creators interested in utilizing the pleasing aesthetic and hardware offerings of the Experience Centre for content creation or live streaming, Cooler Master provides branded scenes and thumbnails for Twitch and YouTube, prizes for the content creators’ community, refreshments and, of course, a dedicated streaming or editing PC and setup for the day.

In terms of what is to come for the Cooler Master Experience Centre, visitors can look forward to seeing more custom PC builds like the proof-of-concept sports car build held at the entrance of the centre. In the works, is a fully-functional custom PC sneaker and shark build that may become available for Cooler Master and PC enthusiasts alike to purchase in the near future.

More information is available on both and If you’d like to contact the Cooler Master Experience Centre, you can reach someone through or on Instagram or simply walk in to the centre during operating hours and direct any questions or comments to the Cooler Master representative present during your visit. The Cooler Master Experience Centre is located at Floor 1, Central Square, Sandton, Johannesburg.-



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