Cooler Master’s NR200P Max Wins Best High-End Case 2021 Awarded By Kitguru

Cooler Master’s first iteration of its brand new MAX line of building products has been awarded ‘Best High-End Case 2021’ by KitGuru.

MAX is the new line of building platforms designed to provide users with a streamlined, effortless build experience. These products serve as a physical culmination of Cooler Master’s years of mechanical, thermal, and power delivery expertise, aiming to break industrial limits and perfect technological achievements. Case, thermal and power delivery come pre-customized with never seen before product features, calibrated to work together in exquisite harmony.

It goes without saying that the past two years have been nothing short of difficult for everyone around the world, yet despite the COVID 19 pandemic, and, despite global logistics issues, our community has remained by our side cheering us on to achieve great things the whole time.

This means we owe you guys a incredibly, heart-felt thank you.

Without the Cooler Master community, we wouldn’t be creating great products for awesome people, and those products wouldn’t be winning amazing awards!

We just want you to know that you’re the best. For believing in us in such unprecedented times, even when the road ahead is full of uncertainty.


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