From WFH To Being Back In The Office, Take A Little Cooler Master Wherever You Go

Are you back at the office now? Why not take a little piece of WFM with you?

The MasterCase EG200 disrupts the current eGPU market by directly targeting working-from-home creatives and professions with a high demand for hardware. With a hot-swap drive bay, creatives can seamlessly switch from one project to another.

Dedicated I/O port circuitry means that no matter how much is demanded from external drives, the PCI-e bandwidth dedicated to the GPU is untouched.

A dedicated laptop stand and an automated internal cooling solution allow for both a clean and quiet desk space.

Workhorse laptops across various professions suffer from slowing down over time and fall far behind desktop=grade hardware. With the MasterCase EG200, the added power of external GPUs meets the functionality needed to improve workflow.


The SK622 hybrid wireless keyboard takes a modern approach to the classic mechanical keyboard with low profile switches housed in a sleek chassis for a drool-worthy aesthetic. 

The 60% keyboard layout is outfitted with low profile mechanical RGB switches with upgraded ergonomic keycaps from the previous version for a typing experience that feels as good as the keyboard looks. 

Add in hybrid connectivity that lets you choose between wired or Bluetooth wireless use on both Mac and Windows devices, and you have the ultimate on-the-go keyboard for both work and play.


The ErgoStand Air is our newest lightweight, slim design notebook stand. It features a hollow frame structure constructed with aluminium alloy for ample airflow and ventilation as well as added thermal dissipation.

It is designed to fold flat for easy storage and portability, as well as keeping your workspace clean and tidy. Set your perfect viewing angle with the adjustable 5 ergonomic height settings for optimal posture to reduce body soreness and eye strain when using your laptop over long durations.

The ErgoStand Air is portable and versatile allowing you to take it wherever you need it, whether that be your home, office, meeting room, coffee shop, or wherever your work or entertainment takes you.

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