PC Building Workshop at Centennial Schools

‘The opportunity to be educated about subjects that are relevant to a tech savvy future,’ is an excerpt from one of the curricular goals at Centennial Schools, Sunninghill. This, with the vision that eSports can foster social skills, strategic thinking and planning, time management and pro-social values is why Centennial Schools aims to expose their students to the world of PC’s and gaming.

This goal was recently furthered by a three-day Cooler Master PC-building workshop held in their state-of-the-art eSports lab. Described as ‘Africa’s Largest School eSports Lab’, Centennial’s eSports arena houses 36 individual gaming stations, including 30 PC gaming stations and 6 console simulator racing rigs, a large lounging and viewing area, spectator stops and a café for refreshments and food.

The PC building workshop consisted of three groups of students, ages 12-15, over three days. The workshop format followed a presentation about the function of each component within the system of a computer, a demonstration on how to install each component and a practical segment where students were divided into groups of four or five learners, each with a chance to physically participate in the installation of hardware components under the guidance of a Cooler Master representative, and an ending quiz with Cooler Master prizes to encourage student participation and interest.
At the end of the workshop, each student was awarded a certificate to show that they had actively participated in the workshop.

Cooler Master involvement was welcomed by both students and staff and Centennial Schools proved to be aware of the importance of relevant education for their promising curriculum.

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