Synk X Cross-Platform Immersive Haptic Chair



Get immersed and engaged in the imaginary world for an ultimate immersive entertainment experience like never before while showing your modern tech lifestyle.

Presenting an amplified immersion with a streamlined exterior and delicate craftsmanship, Synk X not only creates a new way of engaging in the imaginary world but also perfectly blends lifelike entertainment into a modern tech lifestyle.

By converting sound waves into vibrations, Synk X provides real-time tactile experiences for true to life, immersive entertainment. Synk X also supports to fulfill different needs with its cross-platform compatibility as well as options for customization settings. The ergonomic design allows for multiple adjustments of seat height, seating position, and reclining angle based on user’s choice while a control interface is built-in for selecting audio sources, vibration levels, and headphone volume without any complicated settings or APP requirements.

Providing real-time tactile experiences with customized comfort, cross-platform support, and high mobility with a built-in battery, Synk X makes immersive entertainment possible for any kind, anytime, and anywhere.

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